Police search Bieber home in vandalism case

Justin Bieber’s house was raided by police this morning.

The forced search took place following allegations the Canadian singer threw eggs at his neighbour’s home on January 9.

According to reports, 11 police cars arrived at the pop star’s Calabasas, California mansion and the officers were armed with a battering ram.

“I can confirm we have served a search warrant at Justin Bieber’s residence as part of a felony vandalism investigation,” Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore told the New York Daily News.

“He is there, and we are right now in the process of serving the warrant. We’re looking for anything we might need to move this investigation forward.”

A felony warrant indicates that if evidence is uncovered, Bieber could potentially serve time in prison if charged with a crime.

The egg attack has reportedly cost Bieber’s neighbour US$20,000 as the entire front of the house needs replastering and various doors require restaining.

TMZ is also reporting police will look for anything relevant to the egg incident, including other eggs in the house and possible video footage.

“Sheriff’s deputies have looked at TMZ’s video of the incident and believe Justin has surveillance video that might have captured the egging,” the website said.

“Looking for other eggs may sound silly, but it isn’t. There could be some sort of identifier that links what’s in Justin’s fridge to the broken eggs outside,” they added.

The website also pointed out that if the police happen to find anything else illegal while on the property – such as drugs – it’s “fair game”.

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