WWE Hall-of-Famer Tony Atlas Says – “I Pay Women to Smash My Face with Their Boots … AND I LOVE IT!!!”

Tony Atlas has a major foot fetish!


Wrestling Legend Tony Atlas admits to paying a  dominatrix, and loving it! 


Foot Fetish ..  But Also More

WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas loves women’s feet so much … he actually pays them to stomp him in the face — and he’s so proud of his masochistic fetish, he willingly shows

A Foot Fetish is not uncommon

off video footage of the face torture … starring himself.

TMZ has obtained video of Atlas at an indie wrestling event in Maine last week — and in the extremely bizarre clip, Atlas gleefully shares some face-stomping footage with a fellow wrestler … footage Atlas commissioned himself.


The Video

We’re told the original video was shot some time in 2005 — just one year before Atlas (a pre-Hulk wrestling legend) was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame — and it shows Atlas taking a giant Doc Marten to the dome.

The camera then pans out from the video monitor — revealing Atlas sporting the world’s smuggest grin on his face. You gotta see it to believe it.


He Admits It! No Shame Here… 

Atlas doesn’t understand what is the big deal.

And the best part — we reached out to Atlas this week about the video, and he told TMZ he has absolutely no shame … and proudly shows off the stomping tape any time he gets the chance. (FYI — Atlas says he paid the big-booted woman $100 for her services)

Atlas tells us he’s not just into terrifyingly large boots either, he loves all kinds of footwear … especially Vans … and his ideal woman MUST have oversized feet.

Atlas added, “I, Tony ‘Mr. USA’ Atlas, WWE Hall of Famer, am free to be me. And there is nothing greater on this Planet Earth than to get kicked and punched in the face by a big-footed girl.”