Paris Jackson defending her grandmother


Paris Jackson

Several media outlets obtained a letter allegedly from  Michael Jackson’s sibling; JanetRebie,Tito, Randy and Jermaine demanding that the Jackson Estate executors John Branca and John McClain resign immediately because they believe that the MJ’s will was a fake. The letter also alleged that Katherine Jackson was in bad health and had recently suffered a mini-stroke.

They have legally failed three times already before this letter.

Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson, who has been living with her grandmother since MJ’s death,  posted on her Twitter, “I am going to clarify right now that what has been said about my grandmother is a rumor and nothing has happened, she is completely fine. I will defend my beloved family member with all I have, even if it means from other family members.”

None of Jackson’s siblings were named in his will, as the sole beneficiaries are his three children and mother Katherine. Jackson personally chose his executors, Branca, a long-time trusted entertainment lawyer, and McClain, a family friend.