Could James Holmes ‘Dark Knight Rises Shooter’ be stopped ?

American Guns’ Renee Wyatt



Renee Wyatt, the matriarch and business manager on Discovery’s American Guns show told on an interview that “If a member of the audience in the front row of that theater was carrying a gun and had the ability to effecively use it, that gunman could have been neutralized before he ever got a second round into the crowd,”

“This kind of incident is a perfect example of why people who have acquired the ability to shoot should carry guns,” she went on to say

“There were a large number of young people in that movie, and don’t think the gunman didn’t plan on that. As a mother I have the first and foremost responsibility to protect my children,” said the co-owner of Gunsmoke Guns in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

“Parents taking their kids to performances such as this should have the option available to address any threat by having a gun and knowing how to use it. If the venue has a policy of no concealed weapons, take your kid somewhere else.

“Just think about how many lives could have been saved last night if members of that audience had the ability to fight back against that deranged individual,” she concluded.