Lindsay Lohan And Mother Dinah’s Fight Turns Physical, Cocaine Involved. Audio Recording

A screaming fight between daughter Lindsay and mom Dina after a hard-partying night led dad Michael to dial 911.



Lindsay Lohan’s mother thought it would be a good idea to go out partying with her daughter….  things went bad when, allegedly, the older of the duo brought out the cocaine. 


Lindsay Calls Her Father

Lindsay Lohan made a hysterical plea for help to her father, as she claimed she was being kidnapped by Dina Lohan, screaming, “Dad, she’s on

Lindsay, apparently not knowing what to do about her mother, called her father (Michael Lohan) for help.

cocaine.  She’s like touching her neck, and s**t” .
We broke the story … Lindsay and Dina got into a ballistic argument after leaving a NYC club at 4 AM.  The two were in a limo which was going to Dina’s Long Island house.


Lindsay Gave Her Mother $40,000 and Then Wanted it Right Back 

During Lindsay’s conversation, Lindsay tells her dad the fight ignited over money.  Lindsay says she gave her mom $40,000 because Dina claimed she needed it to save her home from foreclosure.  Nonetheless, Lindsay wanted her money back, and that’s when fireworks erupted.


Dead To Me….

Lindsay told her dad, “She’s saying disgusting things to me … I’m dead to her now.”
Lindsay says her mom is calling her “nuts.”

During the conversation, you hear Lindsay tell her dad, “This is what you do.  You ruin people,” and then turns her anger back toward Dina … adding, “She’s like the f**king devil right now.”



Lindsay goes on, telling her dad, “I have a gash on my leg from what happened.”


Listen to The Audio Recording of Lindsay and Her Father’s Phone Conversation Below