Joy Behar on Palin: ‘She shows herself to be shallow’

Comic and best-selling author Joy Behar appeared on CNN’s "Larry King Live" Wednesday.

“The View” co-host discussed a variety of topics, including the Miss California USA pageant, her feud with Donald Trump and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s political future. The following is an edited version of the interview. Larry King: It looks like Donald Trump has made up with Barbara (Walters). How are you and Donald now Joy Behar: You would not believe how friendly he was to me today at “The View.” The man was all over me. First of all, in the green room after the show, he actually kissed me. I don’t think that he kisses anybody. He came up to me and he actually kissed me and hugged me. It was weird. King: Because he criticized you, as you know, in the past. Behar: Well, he said that you hit me hard and so I went back at you. I don’t remember even what I said. I made a joke about his hair, I think. But, you know, I’m done with that anyway. It’s an old story. I’m not interested in his hair anymore, and we’re fine.

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King: What did you make of (the controversy with Miss California USA,) Joy Behar: This Miss California girl, I think she’s doing great. I mean who even thinks of Miss USA Nobody even knows Miss USA exists. She’s got a great career ahead of her now, where everybody sees how gorgeous she is. She’s winning the race, believe me, and with new boobs. Who can ask for anything more King: What do you think of the fact that your program made the (Time Magazine’s) Most Influential list View the list Behar: That is my favorite, that we are on the most influential list. I never thought I would see this day. I just feel like good, now I can have some influence on Ahmadinejad, (Benjamin) Netanyahu. Maybe I can have some influence on the world. King: Elizabeth Edwards, as we all know, is battling breast cancer, coping with the fallout of her husband’s infidelity, selling a new book, too. What do you make of that whole situation, Joy Behar: You know, what is it with these political wives who love to stand by their men I happen to like Elizabeth Edwards very much. She’s been on the show and I’ve met her a couple of times. She’s a really nice person, and he’s a dog, you know Let’s tell it like it is. He’s a dog and people do not like him. I think his political career is over, and it’s disappointing because he was a decent Democrat. He had his heart in the right place. He was a good liberal, and now he’s out of the picture. Although it didn’t stop Newt Gingrich, who also told his wife he wanted a divorce when she was in the hospital. So, you know, bad taste, I guess, doesn’t hurt all of their careers. So we never know what’s going to happen to him. I just feel bad for her. King: Let’s move to another politician, Sarah Palin. What’s your read on the governor Behar: Well, you know, they’re talking about her as the new Republican Party. If that’s what they want for their new Republican Party, that’s fine — somebody who doesn’t believe in a woman’s choice, someone who doesn’t believe in evolution, someone who is — you know, loves to hunt and kill animals or whatever. I don’t know what her reasoning is. Then fine. If that’s — and doesn’t really believe in global warming. She and Rush Limbaugh constantly are talking about how there’s no problem. I mean this guy, Rush Limbaugh, I used to work with him years ago, and I’ve sort of been friendly with him in a certain weird kind of way. He constantly is talking about how there is no global warming. Every climatologist in the world says there’s global warming. Every scientist has said there is a problem. We’re all on this Earth together and this guy goes out and says that there’s no global warming. Who is he What is he talking about and who are these ditto heads that agree with him, I’d like to know Aren’t they breathing the same air that we are King: Do you think Palin will be a presidential (candidate) Do you think she’s going to get up pretty close to getting that nomination Behar: Oh, I hope so. I would love to see that, because whoever is running against her, that’s going to be, you know, a slam dunk, in my opinion. Because every time the woman is in an interview, she shows herself to be very, very shallow — you know, as they say, stunningly superficial on another network. So, let her run. I hope she runs.