Google Malware Warnings in Every Result?

Google Malware Warnings in Every Result?
There seems to be a problem with Google (News – Alert) today. I started my Saturday morning browsing the Web and couldn’t open any pages from Google’s search as a “Warning – visiting this web site may harm your computer!” message continually came up.

After moving over to Yahoo! to see what I can find, I saw many blog posters on the Google System Blog writing about the issue and saying even sites like CNN, BBC and Government sites are all showing this warning message as well.

I, like several other frustrated posters, have been forced to move our searching over to Yahoo! and other sites to see results that actually work.

Some were questioning whether Google has been hacked or if this is just badware protection gone wrong?

However, it seems from several reports now being released, this may just be Google working on its latest anti-malware feature and testing it out today.

Wesley Roberts of Tech Fragments reported that with this latest feature scans URLs for sites listed in the search results. “If a site is found to contain malware, a link would be presented under the search results for that site indicating so.”

Whatever glitch this was, it didn’t last long – things are back to normal in Google Search land… Back to my Saturday morning Web browsing!

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