Fresh fighting erupts in Somalia

Arturo Gatti pictured during the final fight of his career, a knockout defeat by Alfonso Gomez in 2007.
Fresh fighting erupted Sunday between Somalia’s transitional government forces and Islamist rebels, continuing a wave of violence that a top United Nations official called a "grave violation of human rights" that could possibly amount to war crimes.

The 37-year-old Canadian, who was born in Italy and made his name as a fighter based in New Jersey, was staying in the north-eastern seaside resort of Porto de Galihnas. Police are investigating, with several media reports suggesting foul play. The Canwest News Agency said that Gatti’s blood-stained body was found early Saturday morning, while the UK Press Association reported that police had evidence that the Montreal resident had suffered head injuries. Gatti was on a second honeymoon with his wife Amanda Rodrigues and their one-year-old son. He was arrested in April after failing to appear in court for charges of assault against an ex-girlfriend, according to reports.

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Gatti made his name for his renowned trilogy of fights against “Irish” Micky Ward, losing the first but triumphing in the other two. He held the IBF super-featherweight and WBC light-welterweight titles, and He also won the WBC junior welterweight belt but lost it to Floyd Mayweather Junior in 2005. Gatti retired in 2007 after suffering a knockout defeat by Alfonso Gomez in his comeback, ending with a record of 40 wins and nine losses. He grew up in Montreal after leaving Italy at an early age, and returned to the city following his retirement.