When TV news hosts go to war

Today’s TV weather forecast: Forked lightning with a very chilly snap.

Forget reality TV, the bitchiest television show around is not an episode of Real Housewives it’s a morning news show in Philadelphia.

CBS news anchor Nicole Brewer and meteorologist Carol Erikson give a clinic each morning on passive aggressive news banter, not unlike a scene straight out of Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.

A video of their best barbs at each other has gone viral online, and shows what appears to be a clear disdain from the host – a former Miss Pennsylvania – for the weather analyst on the show.

And according to website Gawker, not all is as it seems.

CBS vice president of public affairs Joanne Calabria said in a statement the clips had been taken out of context and the two were very close.

“Carol and Nicole are professional broadcasters who have great respect for each other and happen to be the closest of colleagues – both inside and outside the office.”

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