Director to return for Bond’s Skyfall sequel

Oscar-winner Sam Mendes has confirmed he will direct the next James Bond film, following the critical and commercial success of his first 007 instalment Skyfall.

Daniel Craig is contracted to make two more movies as the British spy, with producer Barbara Broccoli telling Fairfax she hopes it is more. “He says two, I keep correcting him and saying ‘at least two’ because I don’t want to ever think of a day where he may not do this anymore.”

Craig however will only speak of the next film. “I’m contracted for two more and I want to do another one,” said Craig. “Beyond another one it’s very difficult to imagine, because they’re such big events in your life. They take up every minute in your day when you’re doing them.”

Mendes will be joined behind the scenes by John Logan, the screenwriter of Skyfall, who also returns to pen the script for the new film, scheduled for release in October, 2015.

The pair have already developed a story, according to the films producers, who said in a statement on Thursday that “John Logan and Sam Mendes have come up with an extraordinary follow up to Skyfall and we, along with our partners at MGM, can’t wait to share this new chapter with audiences all over the world.”

Speaking to Fairfax, Broccoli explained the story process for Bond. “We always start off by saying ‘What is the world afraid of’ and then we try to create a villainous character that is the physical embodiment of that fear. With Silva it was cyber-terrorism. We’ll just have to see where he goes next.”

Mendes had previously insisted that Skyfall would be his only Bond film, telling Empire magazine in June that