Business Week

Business Week
Once there was a house-organ named System. The Shaw-Walker Furniture Co.
of Chicago handed it around to the employes. Outsiders liked it so
well that Arch Wilkinson Shaw found it would make money. He changed its
name to System, The Magazine of Business, broadened its appeal,
became Publisher Shaw. Circulalation increased still more. So
Publisher Shaw made two magazines of it, called one System, the other
The Magazine of Business. Both were monthlies. The first concerned
itself with Office Management, the second with Big Business. In such
form they became a part, last year, of the chain of magazines published
by McGraw-Hill Publishing Co.*
Last week another change was announced. Starting with next September,
The Magazine of Business will
become a weekly called The Business Week. System will go on as
before. But The Business Week, instead of having general discourses on
business, industry, finance, will pertain most specifically to business
news, with merely some of the features of the old magazine. Thus did
full-page advertisements in metropolitan newspapers tell about The
Business Week : “It will be preeminently the business man’s journal of business news,
vital and vivacious, informative and dynamic, with something American
in its every characteristic. It will be keyed to the spirit of the
new tempo in business. “The Business Week will be operated so close to the news that the
business world will get the news that counts while it is still hot; but
it will be sufficiently after the event to enable the editors to clothe
the facts with their full significance to business men.” Its size will be 8¾ in. by 11⅞ in. ; its cost: 15 cents an issue, $5 a year. Circulation at the
outset, its publishers promise, will be 75,000. *McGraw-Hill publishes 26 magazines, mostly technical. Some
are: Electrical World, Coal Age, Aviation, Power, Textile World.