Beyonce Knowles regrets diet

Beyonce Knowles would “never again” plan a show so soon after giving birth.

The singer and her rapper husband Jay-Z welcomed their first child, Blue Ivy, into the world on January 7 2012.

In May of the same year, the 31-year-old performed at Revel, Atlantic City’s Ovation Hall, to celebrate the resort’s opening.

“I didn’t have a lot of time to lose the weight because I scheduled a show three months after I gave birth, which I would never do again,” she laughed to Shape magazine.

The star graces the April 2013 cover of the publication, flaunting her flat stomach and toned legs in a crop-top and tiny pants.

Beyonce is famed for her curvy physique and admits staying slim can be a struggle.

“I’m not a person that is naturally very thin. I am a person that has to work at keeping my body in shape,” she confessed.

The pretty singer gained 57lbs. while pregnant with Blue Ivy, but looks incredible just one year after her birth.

Beyonce doesn’t believe women should put too much pressure on themselves to be slim, as everybody is naturally different.

“I would just say, everyone is not supposed to be the same. Be healthy and take care of yourself, but be happy with the beautiful things that make you you,” she smiled.

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