Album review: Tiden – Roedelius Schneider

Roedelius Schneider
(Yellow Eye)

As someone who was obsessive about the electronic explorations of Amon Duull, Cluster, Faust, Tangerine Dream and Can, the Hamburg based German label The Bureau is paradise regained.

It’s been re-issuing old classics as well as potentially new ones.

Cluster’s Hans Joachim Roedelius, who had such a significant impact on shaping Brian Eno’s early ambient works, teams up again with an heir-apparent in Stefan Scheider ambient.

Tiden isn’t as well defined or genre specific as Stunden heading, instead, into a more abstract direction where a track such as Frankly has squelchy synthesisers blips and blurps over a plaintive piano line and Toast thrusts a deep rhythmic bass pulse into an atmospheric sonic soup of voice samples and reverberating keyboards.

Music served as mind food.

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