‘This Is It’ pulls in record $2.2 mil

<div data-recalc-dims=‘This Is It’ grossed unprecedented box office sales for a Tuesday in October.

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Even after his death, Michael Jackson is breaking records.

“It wasn’t really like going to the movies, it was more of going to a V.I.P. behind the scenes Michael Jackson concert,” Gross said in his review. “There really is nothing to compare this to!” The film will show in 99 countries, and early reports from overseas territories show strong late show and early matinee attendance, Elzer said. Another iReport reviewer, FabTab, watched the movie in Beijing, China, and also said the film is less like a traditional movie and more like viewing a live concert. “Everyone was screaming Michael’s name, clapping and singing along,” she said. “[It was] uplifting in a lot of ways; it would have been a great tour.”