The superyacht that looks like a killer whale

A spectacular superyacht has been designed by an internationally-renowned urban planning architect in a very unusual shape — a huge sea creature.

Seventy-six meter long “Oculus,” which is built for 12 guests looks like a large sea creature, with one end looking uncannily like the jaw and eye socket of a shark or a killer whale. A second design, the futuristic 91 meter-long “Infinitas” is based on the figure-of-eight shape of an infinity loop. The pair are the brainchild of Kevin Schopfer who felt the design of luxury yachts should move away from the generic boat shapes of most yachts to something more playful. The two awe-inspiring designs, which included inside swimming pools and helipads are still looking for an owner. With a starting price of $140 million for “Infinitas” and $95 million for “Oculus,” they don’t come cheap.

But Schopfer told CNN: “There are several potential clients interested in both “Oculus” and “Infinitas” and discussions are ongoing. And we are also working on several more yachts.” Have a look at more spectacular images of Infinitas and Oculus