The good, the bad, the ugly … The Block

In case you’ve been living under a media-banishing rock and hadn’t heard, The Block NZ is back!

Love it or hate it, you’ll be hearing a lot more about it over the next 11 weeks. Every week, we’ll bring you the best and worst moments, plus talk through some of the scandals and cringeworthy scenes.

So, what’s happened so far

After faffing about with a few challenges, the contestants were finally introduced to a project that actually involved some building work – the upper level of an apartment block that had been divided into four spaces, with each needing to be turned into a themed hotel room.

Each couple had 48 hours to line, paint and furnish their room, and we were actually pleasantly surprised with how well they all turned out. The only thing that seems to be letting the show down is all the recaps (look, we saw it a minute ago, and no matter how dodgy our memories are, we remember that far back).