Tears flow at X Factor

What have we learned during this night of tears, broken dreams and compliment sandwiches

Domenic Bowden has discovered the secret of teleportation. Wherever we are, Rorotonga, Sydney, Queenstown or the magical place of Mahurangi: He’s already there.

That tears would be flowing aplenty was to be expected in the episode where judges make their “incredibly hard and tough” (inhale and theatrical pause) “decisions” (exhale and compassionate face) and cut down the 25 acts to 12.

So I put on my gumboots and waded right into this tear-fest. In the end it didn’t really mater if somebody got through or not. The waterworks went off and so many tears were shed that it seems likely that this one episode of The X Factor could have solved the drought problems of the nation’s farmers.

Cliches from contestants could also be expected.