Taylor Swift’s British Fling

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles  were spotted in the Big Apple over the weekend and quickly prompted a new batch of romance rumors as they became the subject of the Twitter trend and hashtag, “Haylor.”

Harry Styles made couple of remarks regarding that he would like to meet Taylor Swift and we all know that he has a big crush on her, even his band members were onto him After flirting on the X Factor set in mid-November, the musicians have been hoping to spend more time together and guess what he finally get what he asked for. Harry Styles took Taylor on a date a public one indeed.

According to MTVnews The couple  were photographed walking through Central Park together on Sunday. They stopped by the zoo, and according to some reports they were spotted chilling with Harry’s stylist Lou Teasdale, her fiancé Tom and their baby, Lux. Additionally, some photographers caught the casually dressed pair walking through the park arm-in-arm and smiling by themselves. They also were photographed sharing some snacks on their stroll.

The photos of the rumored couple quickly prompted many an emotional response from fans, who took to Twitter to express their feelings on Haylor. “Y’all going crazy about Haylor when it hasn’t even been confirmed,” @mliyx wrote. “Maybe they are just dating like getting to know one another?!”

“What Do U Think About Haylor?” @MonicaTeodora17 wrote. “I Think they Will Be Great Together <3 ~Pixie.”

Other fans noted their speculation about the twosome, “‏@sun_loves1D  I think Haylor is only a friendship! and I hope it is…”