Susan Boyle tops chart with debut album

Susan Boyle became a worldwide sensation after appearing on
At last Susan Boyle has achieved her own personal dream.

The Scottish star’s debut album, “I Dreamed A Dream,” has sensationally topped the online-retail charts, quite a feat considering her record is not even being released until November 24. Thousands of eager fans have already pre-ordered the record on, just days after the release was announced. That’s resulted in Boyle’s climbing to the top of the charts, beating heavy hitters Whitney Houston and the Beatles to the top spot. After auditioning on “Britain’s Got Talent” last April, Boyle, 48, became an overnight superstar with her heartwarming performance, receiving more than 11 million hits on YouTube.

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Fans such as Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher sang her praises. But all Boyle — who began work on her record in July — ever wanted was a career in doing what she did best. “I would love to be a professional singer,” she told PEOPLE after her winning audition, adding with an air of uncertainty, “but we’ll see what happens.”