Source: DJ AM had nine OxyContin pills in his body

Was it a suicide or an accident?

Authorities investigating the death of DJ AM have found that he had eight undigested OxyContin pills in his stomach and a ninth in his mouth, a law enforcement source told PEOPLE. The finding suggests that DJ AM — real name Adam Goldstein — swallowed the powerful painkillers quickly. “He wanted to die,” said the source, who said the suicide theory is supported by the pills and other evidence. “He was going unconscious when he took the last one. He didn’t even swallow it.” In addition to the OxyContin, the source said, authorities who entered Goldstein’s New York apartment to find the celebrity spinner dead on August 28 also spotted a Valentine’s Day card in the next room from Haley Wood. The pair had recently split. Dated February 14, 2009, the card read, “Thank God you’re in my life. I love you.” Next to the card were six or seven photos of Wood and Goldstein. “The card was lying on top of his laptops on the coffee table in the living room,” the source said. Also, a mirror was propped inside the door to the apartment and another inside the door of the bedroom, where Goldstein’s body was located in the bed, the source said. When the police, Goldstein’s manager and paramedics entered together, they pushed the first mirror to the side. When they entered the bedroom, the mirror propped against the door shattered. “They pushed it open and it broke,” the source said.

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A crack pipe sat next to the body; when authorities moved the body, crack was found underneath, the source said. Goldstein, the source believes, “smoked a lot of crack, barricaded the doors and killed himself.” Police had previously revealed Goldstein was found wearing sweatpants and no shirt. Chillingly, Goldstein’s BlackBerry was filled with messages from concerned friends. One read, “Some (expletive) just said you’re dead. Better text me back.” The Las Vegas club where he was to have performed that night later held a tribute in his honor. The official autopsy results, including toxicology tests, have not been released. A rep for Goldstein says those close to him mobilized to help him during his final days. Sources close to Goldstein said they believe his death to be accidental.