Sherri Shepherd refuses to get a breast reduction

After starting a new workout regimen three months ago, "The View’s" Sherri Shepherd made a splash on the daytime talk show by revealing her new bathing suit body.

But there’s one part of her figure she’d never want to change. “I love my boobs!” says Shepherd, 42, who lost four inches from her chest during her two-month weight loss challenge but still wears a DD cup. Would she ever consider a breast reduction now that she’s getting back into shape “What! No! I would never ever, ever, ever,” says Shepherd, whose measurements are 40-33-37. “I don’t care how old they get and how long they get, I’m going to love my boobs. I’d never get rid of them.” Not that she’s anti-surgery in general. “I have a little muffin top from my C-section,” says Shepherd. “I said if I can keep this weight loss up for a year, I’m getting my tummy tuck.”

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There are parts of her new 159-lb. figure she’s learning to embrace for the first time. “I have collarbones!” Shepherd says, brushing her hair back to reveal them. “I love these. I always thought models had collarbones and I never thought I would have collarbones.” She worked hard to get them. Along with signing up for food delivery service Fresh Diet, Shepherd met with her trainer Don Scott four times a week for hour-long workouts since May. “I hated my trainer so much,” says Shepherd, who now wears a size-6 pants and a size-10 dress. “But a lot of what kept me going was my son [Jeffrey, 4]. I really wanted to get healthy because I want to be there for him. I want to be able to see my son graduate, I want to see my grandkids — and I want to be able tell my son I don’t like my daughter-in-law.”