‘Sex and the City’ actress Davis designs for frugal fashionistas

Kristin Davis surrounded by models and Belk store official Arlene Goldstein.
Wearing a plaid green A-line spring skirt from her new fashion line, paired with a black patent leather belt and black leather gladiator sandal stilettos, "Sex and the City" actress Kristin Davis is the perfect combination of sweet and fierce when we meet up after her fashion show at the Belk department store in Atlanta, Georgia.

It’s a look that totally says her character, Charlotte, with a little bit of screen pal Carrie. Davis is so much like her character, adorable and upbeat, I expect Carrie or Samantha to drop in on our conversation and say something to shock her. As any true fan knows … OK … as every woman knows, watching “Sex and the City” was like being front row at a fashion show with a plot. TV show and movie costume designer Patricia Field dressed the characters in haute couture as they skipped down the streets of New York City in $600 stilettos. But is this reality Most sane women wouldn’t choose to walk even one city block in high heels. And most women certainly can’t spend a month’s rent on a belt or bag, even if they have a truly fabulous party to wear it to. So, what about us, the fashionistas on a budget Are we to be ignored, forced to wear boring clothing and practical shoes Luckily, no; designers are catching on. Target features affordable lines from high-end designers like Alexander McQueen and Isaac Mizrahi. All of the pieces in Sarah Jessica Parker’s clothing line Bitten cost less than $20 before the clothing store that carried them went under. Davis is the latest celebrity to jump on the clothing label bandwagon, designing a line for Belk department stores. Will she meet the same fate as Parker

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Davis has the following to be successful. Although her character was by far the most conservatively dressed (Carrie strolling through town in just a bra top, anyone), she had the most wearable wardrobe, and Davis became a fashion icon along with the rest of the ladies. Her favorite piece from her line “I can’t decide, impossible to choose!” she says. So I choose for her: definitely the gladiator heels. “It’s important for women to have a strong shoe,” she says. “Then you can wear anything on top. With a strong shoe on, you’re good to go.” She admits she didn’t have a defined style before meeting Field, who bluntly told her that “Sexy Secretary” was going to be her look. Davis’ philosophy is a good one: Stick with what works. She takes the look that Field defined for her “Sex and the City” character. Original it’s not, but everything coming down the runway is something the stylish Charlotte York would definitely wear. Davis is in touch with all of us real women out there, saying, “I don’t want to make clothing that only skinny actresses could wear.” Her solution Dresses, shoes and swimsuits worthy of a “Sex and the City” episode that you don’t need Park Avenue pockets to afford. It’s versatile enough to look good on every body type. “Everyone has body issues. I really wanted to create pieces that looked good on different kinds of bodies. I had all of my family members trying on the outfits!” she says with a laugh. Davis won’t spill any secrets from the scripts of the “Sex and the City” movie sequel, which comes out in May 2010, but she admits it’s a “happy” movie. She does hint that our famous foursome might have to cut back a little on their clothing expenses as art imitates life. And she’s willing to share some fashion tips: How to look like you stepped out of the wardrobe room on the set of the next “Sex and the City” movie Green. “It’s THE color” she says. And hey, who doesn’t need to save some green It all works out perfectly. I left the meeting with Davis to check out her displays. Then I skipped out into the streets of Atlanta, in a pair of her new gladiator stiletto sandals. That I got on sale, of course.