Sarkozy leaves hospital after jogging scare

French President Nicolas Sarkozy is often seen jogging with bodyguards.
French President Nicolas Sarkozy was released from hospital Monday morning following a night spent under observation after he collapsed while jogging in woodlands near Paris.

Sarkozy held hands with his wife, Carla Bruni, as he left hospital, shaking hands with medical staff before being driven away in an official car, according to Agence France-Presse. Sarkozy fainted while exercising with bodyguards in hot sunshine near his weekend home close to the Palace of Versaille — though officials stressed that the 54-year-old was never unconscious. A witness told AFP that Bruni arrived at the scene shortly afterwards on a police scooter. Sarkozy was then flown to the Val-de-Grace military hospital by helicopter. Officials said Sunday that Sarkozy’s condition was due to a “minor” nerve condition known as a vasvagal syncope, which affects the flow of blood to the heart causing low blood pressure and faintness, according to AFP. Watch more on Sarkozy’s trip to hospital ยป In a statement, the hospital said blood tests, brain scans and an electrocardiogram had detected nothing abnormal. It said Sarkozy had been urged to rest for several days but that no medical treatment had been prescribed.

Sarkozy was due to visit an abbey in Normandy on Sunday but the appointment has been cancelled, according to the French presidency Web site. But Sarkozy is expected to chair a meeting of ministers on Wednesday morning. Sarkozy exercises regularly and is often spotted running or cycling with bodyguards. Earlier this month, he was photographed jogging through Central Park in New York during his trip to the United States.