Ryan Lochte was barred from wearing his custom grill on the medal stand


Maybe Ryan Lochte didn’t get a chance to wear his grill on the medal stand but it didn’t stop him from posing for the cameras with his gold medal

Is there a dress code for the medal stand at the Olympics?

American swimmer Ryan Lochte wanted to wear his custom  red, white and blue grill, which represents his country, on the medal stand after winning the

400 IM.

But some IOC official informed him that wearing his bling would result in failure to receive his well earned medal.

Wayne Drehs of ESPN tweeted that Lochte said “he tried to wear his grill on the podium only to have an Olympics official tell him if he did so he wouldn’t get his gold.”

We don’t know what would happen if he insisted on wearing his grill probably they were going to hold back Lochte’s medal. But banning  someone, who works years and years to achieve that medal, from wearing a simple jewelry is outrageous.