Report: Gaffe-prone prince sent on race relations course

Prince Harry's behavior landed him on the front pages of British newspapers.
Britain’s Prince Harry has been sent on course on equality and diversity after a series of high profile racial gaffes have damaged the young royal’s reputation, it was reported Thursday.

Harry, an officer in the British Army, was formally disciplined by superiors after videos surfaced showing him using offensive language — referring to a fellow soldier as a “Paki” and another as looking “like a raghead.” Now, according to the Daily Mirror newspaper, the 24-year-old has been ordered to attend lessons on how not to be racist and gain understanding of how offensive his comments are. A spokesman for the prince told CNN: “Prince Harry has apologized for his comments and has been subjected to normal Army disciplinary procedures. The matter is now closed.”

The latest development follows a new claim that the prince, third in line to throne, told a black British comedian that he didn’t “sound like a black chap.” In a 2005 gaffe, Harry apologized after he was photographed wearing a Nazi uniform at a party.