NATO-led troops kill senior Afghan militant

NATO-led troops in Afghanistan have killed a senior militant and nine of his associates.
NATO-led troops killed a senior militant and nine of his associates Saturday in an operation that targeted his house, officials said.

Maulawi Hassan was killed by members of NATO’s International Security Assistance Force in an isolated compound near Kajaki, northern Helmand. Several weapons and explosives were found at the location, according to the ISAF. Hassan was a major player in several attacks, including suicide bombings, the ISAF said. He answered to Mullah Rahmatullah, a senior Taliban leader who guides insurgent activities from outside Afghanistan, according to the ISAF. “The death of Maulawi Hassan … signals another serious blow to the insurgency,” said Cmdr. Paula Rowe, spokeswoman for Task Force Helmand.

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“The quick reaction and professionalism of ISAF troops has also stopped the weapons and IED (improvised explosive device) components being used to cause death or serious injury.” NATO took command of ISAF in 2003. The force comprises about 50,000 troops from 41 countries.