Mitt Romney Catches Twilight!

“TMZ Spies” caught Romney out catching the latest Twilight movie over the weekend.


Mitt Romney was caught out having a fun weekend with his wife, catching the latest and last installment of the twilight saga. Perhaps America should have seen a little more of the side of him before the election. 



The Advantages of NOT Being Elected 

There are some advantages to not being elected President of the United States — like you can go to see the new “Twilight” movie without making a big fuss … which is exactly what Mitt Romney did this weekend.


TMZ Spies

TMZ spies caught a glimpse of the wannabe Prez and wife Ann out at the movies in Del Mar, CA on Saturday night. Our spy says the couple was joined by two young men, but it’s unclear who they were.



After the movie, Mitt and Ann (with no bodyguards in sight) hit up a pizza place across the street. We’re told he was super friendly to everyone, even posing for a few pics.

Little late to try to be a man of the people.