Milestones: Nov. 11, 1929

Milestones: Nov. 11, 1929
Engaged. Helen Douglas Robinson, daughter of onetime Assistant
Secretary of the Navy and Mrs. Theodore Douglas Robinson; and one John
Arthur Hinckley; in Manhattan.Married. Bainbridge Colby, 59, Wilsonian Secretary of State; and a Mrs. Anne
Von Ahlstrand Ely, 39, in Brooklyn. Last month he was divorced at Reno by
Mrs. Nathalie Sedgwick Colby, from whom he had sought divorce in Paris;
with whom he had a $1,500-per-month agreement to keep her from ridiculing him
in her writings. Married. Weston R. Shipstead, 20, Washington preparatory school
student, son of Minnesota’s dentist-Senator Henrik Shipstead; and a
Miss Hazel E. Thompson, 21, beauty shoppe operator; after eloping to
Rockville, Md.Sued for Divorce. Alexander Suhkov, Russian émigré, by
Princess Victoria of Schaumburg-Lippe; at Cologne, Germany. Grounds:
nonsupport. Fortnight ago she sold all her private property for about
$180,000, moved to a cheap boarding house near Bonn. She offered to pay
Suhkov 10,000 marks for the return of her letters, he having
already embarrassed her by writing his amorous memoirs and dedicating
them with a sly flourish to her brother, onetime Kaiser Wilhelm II.Sued for Divorce. King Gaines Gillette, son of King Camp
Gillette ; by Mrs. Elizabeth Caldwell Gillette; at Reno.
Grounds: incompatibility. Last week they motored to the
Stanford-Southern California game after which Mrs. Gillette went to
Reno for a “most friendly divorce,” her husband returning
to Hollywood. Sued for Divorce. Charles S. Mott, of Flint, Mich.,
General Motors vice-president* by Mrs Dee Van Balkom Mott, his
bride of eight months. Grounds: incompatibility. She is his third
wife, he her second husbandResigned. John Van Antwerp Mac-Murray, U.S. Minister to China since 1925,
to take a position at Johns Hopkins University. More than 20 years a diplomat,
he has served at Bangkok, St. Petersburg, Tokyo, Peking. He was an expert
Far Eastern advisor to the U. S. delegation at the Washington Disarmament Conference
. For a time he served as Assistant Secretary of State. Birthday. Queen Marie of Rumania; at Balcic. Age: 54. Executed. Bacha Sakao, “The Water Boy of the North,” Afghan chieftain, usurper
of King Amanullah’s throne; at Shepur Cantonment, Afghanistan; by
order of Nadir Khan, his vanquisher, recently
chosen king . Died. Herman P. Olcott, 49, all-American footballer ;
after a long illness; in Wallingford, Conn. Died. Norman Trevor, 52, longtime legitimactor , cinemactor ; at the State Hospital for the Insane in Norwalk, Calif., to
which, suffering from paranoia, he had recently been removed from a
private sanitarium where he had been committed by friends. He was born
in Calcutta; engaged in the jute industry before going on the stage.
Twenty-nine years ago an all-round athlete on Britain’s Olympic team,
he was awarded the prize for finest physique among the contestants of
all nations. Died. Dr. John Roach Straton, 54, fundamentalist Baptist preacher; in a
sanitarium at Clifton Springs, N. Y.; of a heart attack.