Michael Vick’s Brother, Marcus, Wanted After Skipping Court Date

Marcus Vick, Brother of Michael Vick, Is Wanted in Virginia for Failure to Appear in COurt for a Traffic Violation. Vick, However, Now Resides in Georgia


Virginia Police have issued a warrant for Marcus Vick, the younger brother of NFL superstar Michael Vick.  Vick is wanted for failure  to appear in court after he allegedly pulled an Amanda Bynes (driving on a suspended license, that is).

Warrant Issued 

A Virginia judge issued the arrest warrant for Vick on Friday when he missed his court date for the June 2011 suspended license charge.


Not For the First Time

Vick  spent 10 days in the clink earlier this year for pulling the same disappearing act — that time it was for a 2010 charge of driving on a suspended license.



Vick’s attorney reportedly told the judge that Vick — a former Virginia Tech star and NFL player — couldn’t make it to court because he’s out of work and living in Atlanta.

Calls to Vick’s attorney weren’t immediately returned.