Mexico hijackers threaten to blow up plane, TV station reports

A hijacked airliner sits on remote part of the tarmac at Mexico City's airport in this TV image.
A commercial airliner carrying 104 passengers was hijacked Wednesday on the tarmac at Mexico City’s airport.

Three abductors — possibly Bolivians or Colombians — aboard the Boeing 737 Aeromexico jet have threatened to blow it up if their demand to speak to President Felipe Calderon is not met, CNN affiliate TV Azteca said. The station added that the abductors had begun to release passengers from the jet, which had been moved to a remote area of the airport. The incident began at 1:40 p.m. (2:40 p.m. ET), when the plane — Flight 576 — arrived from Cancun. Calderon was in the presidential hangar in the airport preparing to depart when the incident began, leading him to cancel his planned flight, the station said.