Manicurist Cenita Scott Show Her Support For President Obama by Adding His Portrait to Her Fingernails

Peoria Heights manicurist Cenita Scott shows off her President Barack Obama nail.


Manicurist Cenita Scott posted a photo on Instagram of her fingernail to show her support for President Barack Obama. “My ultimate dream is to manicure the first lady and, of course, the president,” Scott says of her elaborate manicure. 


The Manicure and The Artist 


Scott arrived in Charlotte on Sunday sporting Barack Obama’s likeness on her own fingernails and hoping her years of work as a local and celebrity manicurist will

Peoria Heights manicurist Cenita Scott shows off her ticket to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. Scott is working a manicure booth at the convention.

finally get her to the presidential fingertips. She works with Ford Artists in Chicago, an affiliate of Ford Models, where she’s done magazines and national advertisements such as the Drinkcessorize campaign for McDonald’s.

“I knew as I tried to press toward my dream I had to make myself more visible,” Scott said. “You’ve got to make a name for yourself.”

She lives with her husband and two children in Peoria Heights, where she also runs her business, The Nail Bed, located inside the Salon Suites at 3921 N. Prospect Road.

When opportunity arises, she’ll jet set to New York, Chicago or wherever unpolished nails await.

Scott has worked with celebrity clients such as Jennifer Hudson, Guiliana Rancic, Paula Patton and Sunshine Anderson, but she never loses sight of her goal.

“I definitely kept my eye on the prize, which is getting toward the president and first lady,” Scott said.

She’s been on a campaign of sorts this week, passing out business cards and networking as a vendor at the convention.

She even manicured the nails of Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx’s wife and mother.


Peoria Heights manicurist Cenita Scott, right, stands with singer and actress Jennifer Hudson during a 2011 magazine photo shoot in Chicago.

Though She’s Not Yet Booked the President She Remains Optimistic…


In preparation for the convention, Scott sent an email message to Michelle Obama’s scheduling office in July to introduce herself and explain her goal of meeting and manicuring the first family.

She received a response from a representative stating they would contact her during the convention if they were to schedule a meeting. “They sounded pretty eager to get back to me,” Scott said. “I’m very optimistic.”


Republicans, Come On By…..


While the Obamas remain Scott’s target, she’s not party partial.

She said she would not turn away the needy cuticles of other politicians, including Republicans, if she had the chance, but she’s not giving up on her presidential hopes.

Though she hasn’t scheduled an Obama manicure yet, Scott’s spirits were high as she went to a Tuesday evening speech by Michelle Obama, hoping to catch a glimpse of the first lady and her fingernails.