Lorde’s style sets global fashion trend

Lorde’s chic vampish looks are setting global fashion trends in the lead up to the Grammys.

Hundreds of internet pages are dedicated to recreating the Auckland teenager’s haunting look.

Her signature dark winged eyes, deep crimson lips and flawless Snow White skin are also boosting make-up sales in New Zealand.

L’Oreal Paris NZ marketing director Shannon Watts said eyeliner sales have risen by up to 45 per cent in the last quarter due to women’s desire to recreate the edgy black eye flicks.

“It’s a phenomenon we’re well aware of. It will be interesting to see the scale of influence the ‘Lorde factor’ will continue to have.”

Lorde, real name Ella Yelich-O’Connor, is performing at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon New Zealand time.

The 17-year-old has been keeping fans guessing on what she will wear, but makeup experts are predicting her trademark look.

Auckland makeup artist Grayson Coutts said Lorde’s look is a huge shift from other girl-next-door pop stars like Taylor Swift.

“I would love to see her do something a little different [for the Grammys] but it is in her best interests to keep it familiar. She’s claimed that look.

“Lorde has a very unique look that is modern. She’s doing her own thing which is great,” Coutts said.