Leno adds second free show in Detroit area

Comedian Jay Leno says the free shows are meant for those having a tough economic time in the Detroit area.
Laugh and the whole world laughs with you. Give out free tickets and the whole world will come.

Comedian Jay Leno has added a second show after tickets were given away Monday for the first installment of “Jay’s Comedy Stimulus Plan” for the unemployed in Detroit, Michigan. “Eighteen thousand seats like that, so we are adding another show,” Leno announced on “The Tonight Show” on Monday night. The shows are scheduled for April 7 and 8 in Auburn Hills, a suburb of Detroit. The free tickets were instantly in high demand. So much so that a set of four soon appeared on eBay for more than $800, the comedian said. “You’re out of your mind to pay $800 to see me. … My mother wouldn’t pay $800 to see me. This is why we’re adding another show,” Leno said. “There’s nothing for sale here. It’s just totally free.”

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Leno offers free show for jobless

He said the shows are meant to entertain those caught in the economic crunch. Leno didn’t say when tickets for the second show would be given away. Earlier in the program, “The Tonight Show” host announced that President Obama would appear Thursday night to tout his financial rescue plans.