Lebanese army says suspects were planning foreign attacks

The army claims suspects planned to create cells to monitor and attack UNIFIL troops, among other things.
The Lebanese army has arrested 10 suspected members of a terrorist network who the military believes were planning to attack targets abroad, the army said.

Most of the suspects are not from Lebanon, said the army, which does not identify the network in the statement it released. Officials also don’t say when or where the suspects were captured. “As a result of intensive investigation by the Lebanese army intelligence directorate in following up on radical terrorist networks, the directorate was able to arrest ten persons of one of these networks, belonging to different Arab nationalities,” the statement said. According to a military probe, some of those arrested had used their jobs in private companies as a cover for surveillance and monitoring operations. The army urged private employers to verify the legal status of their employees or job seekers and report any suspicious information. The army claims the terrorists in custody were planning to: • Smuggle wanted terrorists from the Palestinian refugee camp Ein el-Hilweh, located south of Beirut, to other countries. One of the network’s members was to bring them fake documents and money for their trip.

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• “Harbor radical elements” from the terrorist group Fatah al-Islam and give them fake documents to help them enter the Ein el-Hilweh camp. • Create terror cells to monitor the Lebanese army and UNIFIL, the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon, to carry out attacks against them. • Carry out surveillance of money exchange centers and jewelry stores as possible robbery targets to help finance their operations.