Kate accuses Jon of taking $200,000

Jon Gosselin has been making the TV talk show rounds in the past few weeks.
The split between Jon and Kate Gosselin has been contentious from the beginning, but Jon could be found in contempt of court for the unauthorized withdrawal of $200,000 from the couple’s joint bank account, Kate Gosselin’s attorney told PEOPLE.

Celebrity lawyer Marty Singer, a litigation attorney for Kate, tells PEOPLE that Jon never warned Kate he was going to remove the large sum of money from their account last week, even though the court had told them not to take significant amounts from joint accounts without the other’s approval. Singer said he e-mailed a stern letter to Jon’s attorney on Friday but he hasn’t heard back. “They have not responded. I’m sure he will respond by going on another TV show,” said Singer, who noted that Jon’s move flies in the face of comments Jon made to Larry King that he’d like to put the brakes on his divorce. Singer said he expects Kate’s family law attorney in Pennsylvania will go to court Monday morning to suggest Jon be held in contempt. According to Singer, Kate learned about the withdrawal after receiving overdraft notices regarding her joint account with her estranged husband. When she inquired with the bank, she was told Jon had removed $200,000, leaving only about $1,000 in the account. “Of course she’s upset,” Singer said.

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The banking fiasco caps an intensely bitter week between the couple, during which their TLC series “Jon & Kate Plus Eight” suspended production. The move followed the network’s announcement on September 29 that Jon was being dropped from the show, and him saying he wanted to halt the show because it was damaging to his eight children. Calls to Jon’s lawyer were not returned.