Jermaine Jackson on Michael’s kids, estate, burial

Jermaine Jackson tells CNN's Larry King that brother Michael's resting place is still undetermined.
Michael Jackson’s estate should gain "close to $100 million" through contracts negotiated since the pop star’s death, Jackson’s brother told CNN’s Larry King.

A Los Angeles judge is expected to approve a series of agreements Monday, including a deal for a movie to be released this fall about Jackson’s final days before his June 25 death. Jermaine Jackson, in a wide-ranging interview taped for broadcast Friday night on CNN’s “Larry King Live,” said his mother, Katherine Jackson, has not decided on Jackson’s final resting place. He said he prefers the Neverland Ranch. “I’m just concerned about security and being secure in a peaceful setting,” he said. He stopped short of revealing if his mother has hinted her preference, saying, “At the end of the day, she will make the final decision.” Watch Jermaine Jackson explain his thoughts » Jermaine Jackson told King he had no reason to believe his brother was addicted to drugs, a suspicion that detectives revealed when they requested a warrant to search Dr. Conrad Murray’s Las Vegas, Nevada, home and office. “I have never seen him act abnormal around me or never known anything like that,” he said. He said he never talked about drugs with his brother “because it never came to my mind.” While the coroner’s report on what killed Jackson has been delayed indefinitely, evidence emerged that he shopped for a doctor who would give him the drug investigators suspect led to his death.

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Dr. Allan Metzger, whose name appeared on a search warrant served last week, refused Jackson’s request in April for the anesthetic propofol, commonly known by the brand name Diprivan, Metzger’s attorney said. Investigators suspect Murray gave the drug to Jackson in the 24 hours before he died, according to a source, who asked not to be named because the individual was not authorized to speak to the news media. “If there was anything administered in my brother’s body that was not in the proper setting, meaning a hospital, then that will be dealt with,” Jermaine Jackson told King. While his mother’s lawyers are waging a court skirmish with the men now in control of the Michael Jackson estate, Jermaine Jackson expressed support for John Branca and John McClain. “These are people we have known for many, many years,” he said. “They are doing an incredible job. They have raised a lot of money, close to $100 million for the estate. They are following out Michael’s wishes accordingly.” Although his mother’s lawyer questioned what he called “a suspicious circle of relationships” involving Branca and McClain, Jermaine Jackson said, “Anyone that contests the will is going against Michael’s wishes.” Jackson’s will named Branca and McClain as executors, although for now they have only limited authority as “special administrators.” Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff, who must approve any contracts made for the estate, will hold a hearing Monday to consider several. One agreement would bring in a minimum of $60 million from Columbia Pictures for the rights to make a documentary from video of Jackson’s preparations for his “This Is It” shows that had been planned in London, England. Court papers show the estate would get most of the money, after show promoter AEG Live takes out expenses and 10 percent. Michael Jackson’s three children are “doing fine” six weeks after their father’s death, Jermaine Jackson said. “They’re playing with my kids and they are coming back strong,” he said. When King asked if there was a chance the children might have show business careers, he said “there’s a great possibility.” “They love film and they love movies and they know a lot about animation,” he said. The arrangement for Debbie Rowe, the mother of the two eldest children, to have limited visitation with them is “perfect” and “wonderful,” he said. “We’ve talked about horses, she has a ranch.” He disputed suggestions that Michael Jackson was not the biological father of the children. “People come forth and say things just to get attention, but those are definitely Michael’s children. “You can look at the kids and tell that they are Michael’s kids,” he said. Jermaine said he did not know if Omer Bhatti, a 25-year-old Norwegian performer, was his brother’s son. “I would say it’s probably someone Michael endeared and wanted to be part of his life,” he said. At Jackson’s memorial service last month, Bhatti was seated in the front row between the pop star’s father and sister. “I’ve seen pictures of him dressed just like Michael with the hat and red shirt and everything,” he said. “But if he’s not his son, we are going to continue to give him love.” Joe Jackson — Michael and Jermaine’s father — said in an interview with the Web site NewsOne that he believed Bhatti is Michael’s son. “He looks like a Jackson, he acts like a Jackson, he can dance like a Jackson,” Joe Jackson said.

Jermaine Jackson told King that the last time he was with his brother, they were singing a song together. “This song was so nice and he was singing the harmony, and so we started singing the harmony together, and I said ‘Michael, I love what you did on that song.’ He said, ‘Thank you. That means a lot coming from you.’ ”