How do rich kids use “Instagram” ?

“Rich Kids Gone Wild”

While most of us use Instagram to share the interesting places we go or restaurants that are hidden , some people use it totally to brag about how much money they have.

The blog on Tumblr features  the pictures that are posted by “The Rich Kids of Instagram” which consist of gilded frames of rich kids and wanna-bes in various states of excess, undress and indulgence.

You may not be familiar with it but it ha touched off a firestorm of debate over rich kids and social media.

So what should you expect to see in this pictures?

Vanity, luxury items, lots of expensive champagne, 100,000 euro meal receipts and etc.

Here is a receipt for $ 42,000 spent on liquors.



Versace gold plated AK47 $9,000
This picture is captured as “My favorite place on earth…my closet” can’t blame her

Like the “Housewives” and other stars of rich-reality shows, the “Rich Kids of Instagram” is as much of a frivolous pose as it is a real window into the lives of rich kids. Those real lives, no doubt, would not always be as interesting or photogenic.