Gunmen attack Pakistani army headquarters

Pakistani troops inspect a bus damaged in a blast in Rawalpindi on July 2, 2009.
Camouflaged gunmen in a white minivan opened fire with assault weapons Saturday at a Pakistani army headquarters checkpoint in Rawalpindi, a top military spokesman said.

What followed was a raging gunbattle that left all four gunmen and all four guards dead, said army Gen. Athar Abbas, speaking on CNN affiliate Geo TV. The standoff was over and the militants failed to enter the army compound, he said. It was the third major attack in Pakistan this week. A suicide car bomb carrying 50 kilograms (110 pounds) of explosives killed at least 49 people Friday in the northern city of Peshawar. It was the deadliest suicide attack ever in Peshawar, said government officials. A suicide attack at the offices of the U.N. World Food Programme in Islamabad on Monday killed five employees and wounded several others. Last month, several blasts in northern Pakistan left 17 people dead.