Friend: Jon Gosselin ‘is not the same as he was’

Jon Gosselin, smiling with his kids, has changed according to friend and designer Christian Audigier.
Christian Audigier first saw Jon Gosselin while flipping through the channels and stopping on "Jon & Kate Plus 8" — a much simpler time for the reality TV dad, Audigier said.

“I was watching ‘Jon and Kate’ and then I was seeing him on the cover of magazines with my shirt and asking for a job,” the Ed Hardy designer said, adding he soon flew Gosselin out to Saint-Tropez to join him on vacation. “I met the guy for two days to see what he wanted to do as a job. In the beginning it was Jon and Kate, and then the guy came with another girl. He told me, ‘I’m going to come with my stylist. I need two tickets for the plane.’ So I said, ‘no problem.’ ” Though Audigier said Gosselin and current girlfriend Hailey Glassman were not officially an item when he showed up with her in Saint-Tropez, “by the time two weeks passed it was a completely new story,” he said.

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Just where is Gosselin in his life now “He is not the same as he was,” said Audigier. “He has a more complicated life now. He has all of those kids and a girlfriend and ex-wife.” Do you approve of Jon Gosselin’s behavior Next, the pals plan to meet up in Las Vegas at the end of August for the annual Magic fashion show. As far as their joint venture, the designer says nothing is set in stone. But one thing is for sure, “Jon wants to do something involving bikes,” said Audigier. “He’s a biker.” Jon & Kate an anniversary apart