Daft Punk stormtroopering the world

The French and great pop music aren’t two things that often go together.

There are of course exceptions and one of the bigger ones are Daft Punk, the robot-masked electronic dance duo whose latest track Get Lucky is fair stormtroopering the charts worldwide.

Now, we at Stuff have always had a soft spot for the shiny ones’ approach and this disco-infused beauty has the bonus of featuring Pharrell Williams (he’s everywhere at the moment – see Robin Thicke’s No.1 track and Chic (of Le Freak fame) guitarist Nile Rodgers.

The full album, Random Access Memories, is set for worldwide release on May 20 but the title track is already doing a good trade here and YouTube is packed with some very cool official and not so officials videos.

Here are a few of our favourites:

This is the only ”official video” currently available. You need to keep watching to the 2min 20sec mark.

Daft Punk have always liked it when the fans get involved, so here’s a nice wee compilation…

So many shiny robot people…