Dads’ kitchens rule

Not got the time to cook dinner after work

Think again.

Josh King, 40, and Aaron Gascoigne, 43, both juggle corporate jobs with family time and still manage to get their kitchen duties done.

They are known as the Corporate Dads in the first season of My Kitchen Rules NZ.

King is the national sales manager at ITL Technologies and Gascoigne is the director and owner of a male fertility supplement company called Vitamenz.

Both have two children.

Gascoigne even finds the time to go kontiki fishing off Campbells Bay most weeks to catch his own amazing gulf snapper.

“My kids love fresh snapper and homemade chips. And yes, I catch it right off the beach in a city of 1.4 million people – how cool is it to live on the Shore”

My Kitchen Rules NZ is a cooking competition where contestants create instant restaurants in their homes before facing various challenges in different locations and at the show’s headquarters.

Gascoigne and King like to cook big proteins and big flavours and their least favourite dishes are desserts.

Both grew up on farms and Gascoigne says his favourite dish on the show is “steak, steak and more steak”.

The North Shore is also home to contestant Tracey Allan, who lives in a converted church in Belmont. But her house and teammate Neil Gussey’s central city apartment are unsuitable for an instant restaurant.

The pair, nicknamed Beauty and the Beast on the show, are instead cooking in Gussey’s parents’ house at Orewa.

Gussey and Allan feature in the first round while Gascoigne and King appear in the second group.

Gascoigne said they are really looking forward to it.

“It’s going to be amazing experience seeing ourselves on the telly three times a week – the kids can’t wait.”

Both said the show taught them not to take anything too seriously.

“Don’t sweat the small stuff and live every day as if it were your last,” Gascoigne said.

The men plan to launch a range of sauces and rubs called Two Fat Cats once the show ends.

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– North Shore Times