Counter-terrorism team helps deliver baby at Penn Station

Caesar Penn Boothe was delivered under the Penn Station departures sign at 7:20 a.m. Wednesday.
NYPD officers on counter-terrorism patrol helped deliver a baby during morning rush hour in the middle of New York’s bustling Penn Station Wednesday.

“Forget the ambulance, forget everything else — I’m going to have the baby right here,” new mother Marie Boothe recalled at a news conference later in the day. Three members of the police department’s counter-terrorism patrol team who were in the station and an Amtrak police officer stepped in to help deliver the seven-pound baby boy under the departures sign at 7:20 a.m. The newborn was greeted by fellow commuters in typical New York City fashion. “They started yelling, ‘Name him Penn, after Penn Station!'” said Marie Medina, one of the NYPD officers who aided in the special delivery. Caesar Penn Boothe, whose middle name reflects his birthplace, was taken to Bellevue Hospital along with his mother, and the two were reported to be doing well.