Could the Obama Campaign Be Counting on Several State Proposed Legislature to Varies Degrees of Legalizing Marijuana to Turn Out the Much Needed Young Vote?

Is the Obama Campaign counting on marijuana on the Ballot to coax young voters to the polls?



Will the incumbent president with modest approval ratings use a controversial topic to boost approval rating before voters take to the polls.  Will the question of  whether or not marijuana should be legalized turn out young voters for Obama in crucial swing states?




Giving young voters incentive to vote has long been a democratic strategy, as they tend to vote liberal. But past attempts to bong the vote have been disappointing, in part because so-called stoners have not made a heavy turn-out at the polls. In early 2010 , The Wall Street Journal ran the story“Democrats Look to Cultivate Pot Vote in 2012,” noting that California’s pot-legalizing Proposition 19 was being studied to see if similar measures “could energize young, liberal voters in swing states for the 2012 presidential election.” However, exit polls showed no spike in in young voters.

However, in 2011 we saw – according to the CDC – more young people smoking pot than cigarettes.


Listed are some of the states with Marijuana on the ballot

  •  Colorado

Amendment 64 would make it legal for adults to possess up to an ounce of marijuana or six plants for cultivating.

  • Ohio 

Supporters are attempting to get the required signatures to propose two amendments to be put on the ballot; e Medical Cannabis Amendment and the Alternative Treatment Amendment.

  • Michigan 

A municipal measure in Detroit would allow possession of less than an ounce of marijuana on private property for those aged 21 and up.