Contractors involved in shooting are virtual prisoners, attorney says

Police have detained several prison personnel in the Cieneguillas raid, where not a single shot was fired.
Four security contractors under investigation by the U.S. military for a shooting in Afghanistan are being held against their will by their former employer, their lawyer told CNN on Saturday.

The group raided Cieneguillas prison in the Mexican state of Zacatecas in under 5 minutes, freeing the 53 prisoners using 10 vehicles without a shot fired, according to Gov. Amalia Garcia Medina. The inmates are likely connected to the Gulf Cartel, a powerful drug cartel operating in northern Mexico, Medina said in a statement Saturday. Authorities have detained the director of Cieneguillas prison, two commanders, and 40 security guards, Medina said.

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Military and police officials are trying locate the fugitives, according to Notimex, Mexico’s official state news agency.