Category 4 hurricane bearing down on Baja California

A satellite image shows Hurricane Jimena off the coast of Mexico early Sunday evening.
Hurricane Jimena — a powerful Category 4 storm with winds of 145 mph (230 kph) — moved across the Pacific Monday toward the southern portion of Baja California, forecasters said.

As of early Monday, Jimena was about 395 miles (635 kilometers) south-southeast of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, according to the National Hurricane Center. The storm is expected to continue in a north-northwest motion and approach the southwestern tip of Baja California early Tuesday, forecasters said. “It’s not expected to change in strength very much during the next day or so,” said Daniel Brown, a hurricane specialist at the center. “It may begin to weaken a little as it approaches the Baja peninsula, but it’s expected to remain a very dangerous hurricane, perhaps a Category 3 as it approaches that area. ” Jimena is the 10th named storm of the Pacific season. “It started out kind of slow for the Pacific,” said Robbie Berg, a specialist at the hurricane center. ” … I think it’s been a couple decades since we’ve seen that many storms in August.” A hurricane watch is in effect for the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula, which means that hurricane conditions are possible within 36 hours. More watches may be required later Monday morning, the center said. Tropical Storm Kevin has also emerged in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. However, Berg said it is weak and is not expected to pose a serious threat.