California police: Four officers shot in Oakland

Officers console each other outside the Oakland hospital where their colleagues are in critical condition.
Four police officers are in critical condition and a suspect is dead after two shootings in an Oakland, California, neighborhood, Saturday afternoon, police confirmed.

Police received a call around 1:15 p.m. reporting two officers down on MacArthur Boulevard, Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan said. A manhunt was under way for the shooter when an anonymous caller directed authorities to a building on an adjacent street where the gunman was believed to be barricaded, Jordan said. The gunman opened fire, wounding two more officers before police returned fire, killing the suspect, Jordan said. The four officers were taken to Highland Hospital, Officer Jeff Thomason said. Police said they are investigating whether others were involved in the incident, but don’t believe there is another shooter. Aerial video from the scene off East 27th Street in Oakland showed crime-scene investigators blocking off a a portion of a street, and a sidewalk smeared with pools of blood. Law enforcement swarmed store fronts and lawns near the shooting scenes.