Boy who fled state to avoid chemo turns 14

Boy who fled state to avoid chemo turns 14
Court ordered cancer treatment last year after family refused
A Minnesota boy who once fled the state with his mother to avoid chemotherapy for cancer has reason to celebrate.

Daniel Hauser of Sleepy Eye had his 14th birthday Friday, and family spokesman Dan Zwakman says he remains in remission.

Daniel was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma last year and stopped chemotherapy because it made him sick. He and his mother fled the state before returning and complying with a court order to resume treatment.
Zwakman says Daniel is living a quieter life on the family farm now and has grown nearly a foot in the past few months. But he says Daniel’s hair has lost its bright red color, and the family thinks the chemo is why he needs glasses.

Zwakman says Daniel is on a high-nutrition diet to make sure his cancer doesn’t return.