Aaron rules the Masterchef kitchen

He was the one to beat right the way through the series, but early on it looked as though Masterchef 2013 winner Aaron Brunet was about to choke at the final hurdle.

Speaking to Fairfax from his home in Raglan, he said it was some advice he was given from a sportsman before going into the series that got him through what seemed like an insurmountable challenge.

“It was that… even if things looked like they’re over, do not ever stop until that final whistle blows.”

In a tense grand finale, the same must have gone through Paula Saengthian-nam’s head after her grated radish turned into a blood bath.

The medics were called and a strategically-placed ad break created the drama.

And even though his opponent crippled herself, Brunet admits he “completely bombed out” with his entr