$70 zombie movie hits the big screen

A zombie movie made using a camcorder for less then the price of a DVD box set is set to be distributed in cinemas across the UK.

“Colin,” made by budding British director, Marc Price, will now get its own DVD as well as hitting the big screen in time for Halloween alongside Hollywood blockbusters like “Zombieland.” “It’s kind of scary in a cool way,” says Price of his success on a shoestring. Price wrote, directed, shot and edited “Colin” over 18 months while working nights at a taxi company. The 30-year-old first-time director says he managed to make the film for so little by advertising for volunteer zombies on social networking site, Facebook. He also borrowed make-up and taught himself special effects by endlessly re-watching making-of featurettes and director’s commentaries from his personal DVD collection. Price says he spent the $70 on “a crowbar and a couple of tapes, and some tea and coffee — just to keep the zombies happy.” Since “Colin’s” success Price has been contacted by hundreds of fledgling filmmakers from around the world inspired to try making their own films despite a lack of money.

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“That’s the best bit,” he said. “That someone like me at 16, wondering how they can make their movie will see mine and think, ‘My mobile has better resolution than his camcorder.’ “Hopefully there’s a chance that other filmmakers will make use of what resources they have to tell the best story they can.” Price says he will be putting his own making-of featurette on the “Colin” DVD to help young directors. “We will blow the lid on all of our little tips and tricks,” he told CNN. “The illusion will be completely destroyed, but I think it’s important that other people see what we did.” “Colin” ingeniously spins the zombie genre on its head by telling the story entirely from the zombie’s perspective. It follows Colin, played by Alastair Kirton, who slowly transforms into a zombie after being bitten.

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Kaleidoscope Entertainment picked up the film after it generated buzz among distributors at Cannes film festival earlier this year — many of whom were astonished to find out quite how little money was spent on making the film. “Colin” will be released in between 6 and 15 cinemas across the UK, as well as showing at a number of festivals. There are currently no plans for international cinema distribution. Price has now moved on to his next project, which he describes as a World War II drama with a horror element. “It’s even got a creature at the end,” he said. The script is written, the cast is in place — they even have a composer. Now all he needs is funding. “We’ll need funding, not much, but a hell of a lot more than for ‘Colin,'” Price added.