Why Dominic Bowden could never judge

Dominic Bowden, host of The X Factor NZ, knows exactly what it takes to make the show a success.

“If we haven’t got the talent, people will switch off,” he says.

At the moment, thousands are tuning in, before turning to social media sites to vent their outrage as another fan favourite is voted off.

The elimination process has led to tears and jeers and Bowden is just glad he is not the one making the tough calls.

“With live TV, a lot of it is who you are and what feels more comfortable for you,” Bowden says.

“I could never judge. The idea of judging someone when they are doing their best… it is a very tough environment for me to get comfortable in.

“But I can totally be the person who understands how hard these people have worked, understands the pressure of live (TV), understands how hard it is to go out there and deliver.”

Bowden sees the live shows as somewhere performers either sink or swim.

“When it is live, people either go in two directions,” he says. “They become so much better and feed off that live audience or they crumble.

“I love live TV. It is what got me signed in America (where he was part of X Factor).

“Even though in New Zealand it is a smaller market, at the end of the day there are still six cameras, there are still a thousand people in the audience and there are all those